About Us

Eugene Sports and Orthopedic Medicine Center (ESOMC) specializes in non-surgical approaches to treating injuries of the musculoskeletal system, including joints, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and soft-tissue damage.

ESOMC, located in the Southern Willamette Valley in Eugene, Oregon, is a specialized practice. We are dedicated to taking the time to provide you with the individualized diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our Values

We are dedicated to:

Making an accurate medical diagnosis of your problems
Providing quality medical care for our patients
Highly personalized attention to each patient
Demonstrating sensitivity and caring
Being accountable and responsive
Pursuing professional excellence

Our Staff

Dr. Thomas Peterson, M.D.
Ms. Lisa Wahi, Office Manager
In addition to our office staff, we may refer you to certified massage therapists who are contract members of our professional staff. ESOMC may also refer you to other health-care professionals.


What Our Patients Tell Us

“If it weren’t for Dr. Tom, I would not be able to work as a massage therapist. His prolotherpy treatments allow me to continue to do work that I love to do”

“I was a triathlete. After back surgery, I could barely walk without pain. Dr. Peterson’s treatments gave me back my life as an athlete.”

“My osteoarthritis hurt so much that my hands were in constant pain. Sometimes I even had cortisone shots. After being treated by Dr. Tom, my pain is gone nearly 90% of the time. I now can use my hands pain-free nearly every day.”

“I saw Dr. Tom during my first year in college because I had terrible headaches. During finals week, I got a terrible migraine. After one acupuncture treatment, my headache was gone in just an hour and I could get back to my studies.”