Dr. Peterson diagnosed it right!

I was referred to doctor Peterson by my acting physician after little improvement had been made after 18 months of physical therapy and massage therapy treatments for a right hip/low back lifting injury sustained at work. The injury had vexed to cause numerous other body aches and pains and I wanted to engage in very little physical activity at the time. During my first appointment/clinical exam Dr Peterson found what no one else had looked for and provided me with an updated condition pertaining to my neck. He laid out a new treatment plan that day that effectively got me back to performing physical work and activity that I had begun to not believe possible, my treatment time was appr. 7 months. Cheers, Dr Peterson!
Simon S.

He gave me back my active life!

I can hike again‎‎ – Before consulting Dr. Peterson I was unable to climb one flight of stairs without knee pain. Now I can go on a 5 mile hike without pain. The PRP treatment he did also resolved the Baker’s cyst I had on the back of my knee. I thought that I was headed for a knee replacement but now I am planning a backpacking trip. I have to drive 3 hours to see him but it is well worth it.‎ Janet D.

Dr. Peterson is your standard nice guy and excellent with sports injuries. I’ve come to him with a couple different injuries from playing different sports. I’m a bit clumsy I guess you could say. He was great and helped me with rehab. I was back to normal within a month or two for both minor injuries. Excellent doc!

Susan C.

Dr. Peterson really listens!

He really takes the time to listen to his patients. He doesn’t have that mentality of “in and out” like other physicians. He’s patient and puts forth the effort to understand your injury and get to know you. His personable attitude makes you feel comfortable and I look forward to our rehab sessions. He deserves 10 stars really! Anna B.

Myself, Mom, and my daughter have been helped greatly, and treated numerous times by him over the years…each time he correctly diagnosed the problem, and helped us avoid surgery. In addition, took great concern for our wellbeing, healing, and referred us to other specialists when needed. And each time it turned out his diagnosis was correct. He didn’t hesitate to do what it took to get the best care and healing possible. I have a rare chronic nerve disease, and was in a hit&run auto accident. His office lady is also a real professional, and dealt with the auto insurance company when they were harassing me about my recovery. Dr. Peterson was the first specialist I’d seen in 2 years of agonizing pain that took action, and included other specialists. He was caring, and listened. He helped me to avoid surgery, and relieved my chronic condition to where I have had some of my life back. He also did acupuncture, sent me to the best NUCCA Practitioner Chiropractor, Pain Specialists, Physical Therapy, Massage, MRI & X-rays tests, and Pain Management Psychologist. Each Dr. he sent me to was the best in their field, and gave the best care possible. I know, I have been to more than one of each of these types of doctor before, for my disease. Mom had the prolotherapy after an auto accident years ago, and never had a recurrence of symptoms. My daughter was treated for a back injury when only 6 yrs. old, and I was amazed at the quality of the care he provided then, and again later when she was in college with an ankle injury. He truly helped to extend my life, and has been a great help to other members of my family.

Sheila M.

My pain is gone without surgery

Dr Peterson correctly identified and treated my injury. I had been in chronic pain having difficulty carrying out basic daily tasks for almost two years PRIOR to seeing Dr. Peterson. The physician and physical therapists I saw missed essential, key elements of my injury. My sessions with Dr. Peterson were always very mindful, thoughtful and caring. He knew what areas and in what order treatments were needed to progress my complex soft tissue injury into a state of balance and healing. My treatments consisted of prolotherapy, protein rich plasma injections, acupuncture and soft tissue releases; with each treatment delivered at the right time and in the right places. I have my life back! Thank you Dr. Peterson. To not have pain anymore and be able to function in my daily life is due to his skill, talent, knowledge, and his genuine caring! Occupational Therapist

I had been dealing with a weak ankle for 5 years. I had a bad ankle sprain that never healed right.Physical therapy and a brace were only slightly helpful. An orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery. A friend suggested Dr Thomas Peterson. He showed me the ligament damage on ultrasound. Now, after prolotherapy, I can dance and play tennis without a brace. The pain and instability in my ankle has resolved.  Tennis_nut

Dr Thomas Peterson is a very good diagnostician and he specializes in non-surgical treatments.

Billy S.

PRP helped me get back to kayaking

I saw a surgeon who said I had rotator cuff damage. He said surgery would have only a 50% chance of success. I then consulted Dr Thomas Peterson. He showed me the damage on ultrasound in his office. He treated it with PRP and now after some therapy, I can paddle my kayak again.


He’s the best – for 25 years

I have now for 25 years counted on Dr. Thomas Peterson to take care of my orthopedic problems. I don’t know what I would do if he wasn’t available. I hope he never retires.


He made a BIG difference

Before I consulted Dr Peterson I could not climb one flight of stairs without pain. Now I can hike 5 miles in the hills.

Lisa M.

He changed our daughter’s life – for the better!

Hi Dr. Peterson,

You are such a miracle worker – I’ve been referring you to everyone I know!

In 5th grade, our daughter was diagnosed with severe Osgood-Schlatter disease. She was in such pain that walking the less than 1/2 mile to/from school caused her knees to throb and ache. When the pain got so bad that she had to quit all sports and PE classes, we looked for a knee specialist and found Dr. Peterson. He prescribed a one-month treatment. We were skeptical but he reassured us that the treatment had worked on all the Osgood-Schlatter patients who visited him over the past decade. In the first couple of weeks our daughter’s pain subsided enough that she could walk to school. By the end of the month she had no pain at all; the knee had healed. Our daughter, now in her senior year of high school, has just committed to an out-of-state university where she will be rowing on a full ride scholarship. Dr. Peterson literally changed our daughter’s life.


He made the difference- he’s the one to see!

Dr. Peterson has made the difference in treating both my shoulders after I had my car was rear-ended. I tired lots of other doctors, but it was Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections that gave me back my quality of life. I wish I’d started PRP sooner.

PRP has helped me get stronger and now my range of motion is flowing freely.

Dr. Peterson took the time with me to understand my injury and how it was affecting my life. Much of the time we are herded in and out of doctors’ offices with barely time to ask the doctor questions. Thomas Peterson is different. I cannot say enough about his level of caring, communicating, and treatment methods.


If you are suffering from body pain or joint movement problems, Dr. Peterson is the person to see!

Dave Gruefe