Why Is Orthopedic Medicine The Best Choice For Me?

An orthopedic medical diagnosis is the best choice for people who suffer from musculoskeletal problems. Dr. Thomas Peterson studied orthopedic medicine and uses it to perform a complete physical examination as a way to diagnose your problem at its root cause. He may also use in-house ultra-sound to help diagnose your problem area.

Because he is trained in Orthopedic Medicine, Dr. Peterson knows that you may be experiencing pain somewhere other than from its primary source. This is called referred pain. For example, you may feel pain in your lower arm that is actually caused by a problem in your neck. Rather than treating your lower arm and providing temporary relief, Dr. Peterson treats your pain at the source, so you experience healing that lasts.

Once I Get My Diagnosis, What Happens?

Once your diagnosis is determined, we develop a treatment plan that gets to the cause of your problems; rather than just treating your symptoms with drugs that simply mask the underlying problem.

Why Dr. Peterson Uses An Orthopedic Medical Diagnosis

An Orthopedic Medical diagnosis is a way of performing a Western medical exam that discovers the underlying cause of your problem. By treating injury at the cause, Dr. Peterson can help you avoid surgery and limit your use of drugs that may mask your symptoms and fail to get to the root of your problem.

ESOMC’s Orthopedic Medical Treatment Plans May Include:

Osteopathic Manual Therapy
Medical Acupuncture
PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Our goal is to restore you to your maximum level of functioning.