Since 1991, Eugene Sports and Orthopedic Medical Center has used prolotherapy as a non-surgical treatment for chronic soft tissue damage. Prolotherapy uses your body’s own natural healing ability to create healthy tissue, instead of removing it surgically. Soft tissue injuries are the result of strains and bruises of muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia due to overuse, auto and other accidents, work-related or household accidents, sports injuries, or surgery.

While many injuries heal through your body’s natural healing ability, sometimes chronic pain and physical dysfunction keep you from returning to your normal activities. Drugs and physical therapy may soothe the condition, but your injury may not be properly healed.

How Does Prolotherapy Work?

Prolotherapy is a form of medical treatment that can help heal many of your lingering problems. Dr. Peterson injects the injured area with a solution containing glucose, a substance naturally found in your body. By injecting a concentrated glucose solution into your body, the prolotherapy treatment stimulates your body’s natural potential to heal.

How Successful Are Prolotherapy Treatments?

Clinical research studies show a 80-90% success rate in chronic pain patients. In addition to this success, prolotherapy also can reduce overall healing time.

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