Sports Medicine?

Eugene Sports and Orthopedic Medicine Center (ESOMC) uses Sports Medicine as a term to address all aspects of an athlete’s health that may affect athletic performance. The majority of athletic injuries are musculoskeletal problems involving ligaments, joints, tendons, fascia, and soft−tissue damage.

How Are Athletic Injuries Treated?

ESMOC makes an accurate medical diagnosis before creating a treatment plan for you. We treat athletic injuries using one or more of the following:

Osteopathic manual therapy
Medical acupuncture
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy)

How Is ESOMC’s Non- Surgical Treatment Different?

Athletic injuries are best treated by a practitioner who can see the total picture of an athlete’s health. At ESOMC you are treated by a medical doctor whose personal athletic background enables him to empathize with your athletic goals while offering appropriate medical treatment. Most importantly, Dr. Peterson uses a non-surgical approach to healing, choosing, instead, to encourage your body’s natural healing ability.

The term, Sports Medicine, is also used by massage therapists, athletic trainers, podiatrists, dietitians, exercise physiologists, psychologists, physical therapists, surgeons, and chiropractors. While Dr. Peterson may refer you to other professionals, it is important that you first receive a complete and accurate medical diagnosis.